Help us remove children from the Charlotte Book Desert!

For every $25 donated between November 14th and December 1st Promising Pages will:

a.) Ensure a local child will receive 25 books, essentially removing them from the city’s book desert

b.) List your name and message of choice on a virtual book in our “donor book club!” Click on the book, it’s interactive!

c.) Enter you for a chance to name the cardinal, in local author Catherine Farley’s newest children’s book, in the “Mimi” series. Not only will you or a loved one get to choose the name* you will also be featured in a blurb about the contest in the book’s dust jacket. To read more on the Mimi series, check out this link.

Name Mimi’s New Friend the Cardinal!

To sponsor a child and enter the raffle, click the blue button below.  All $25 donations sponsored between now and 12/1 (using the blue button below only) count as an automatic raffle entry. It’s that simple!

Have books to donate too or want to volunteer with us? Email Caitlyn Bergmann at to set up a drop off time or to schedule your volunteer opportunity!



*The author reserves the right to reject any names that may be considered offensive or in poor taste. If this rare case should arise, the author will provide the winner with an opportunity to choose a new name before moving on to another winner if a palatable name cannot be agreed upon.

To enter this raffle for the Brad’s Books campaign only, use this link instead.