Welcome to the Charlotte Book Brigade.

Our collective mission is to redefine the Charlotte Book Desert by strategically pumping more than a million usable children’s books in to the red areas of the map below via programs and partner efforts of Promising Pages.

The Book Brigade is a dynamic and collaborative area-wide initiative involving individuals and families as well as businesses, schools, neighborhoods, civic groups and places of worship.

The residing premise behind the Brigade is that no individual or small group effort could ever possibly fundamentally change a city-wide phenomenon such as a book desert, but if we all do our small parts, contributing as we are able in ways which make sense for us at the time, small gains add up to BIG collective impact for the 60,000+ children grown up with few, if any books to call their own. The books are sourced primarily from area children who have simply outgrown them.

Charlotte Area Book Desert Map

Source: Data is compiled from the National Assessment of Educational Progress and has been mapped out by Unite for Literacy. Red areas indicate the most prolific book deserts in Charlotte where between 1 percent and no more than 10 percent of homes have more than 100 books in them.

Join the Book Brigade

If you would like to sign up a team or for Book Brigade Corporate, please contact bookbrigade@promisingpages.com so we can add your group to the drop down list and assign a commanding officer to your unit for on-going support.

We are book strong.
We are the Charlotte Book Brigade.

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