5 Steps to Lead a Book Drive

Individuals, local businesses and organizations can help Promising Pages with donations of like-new , gently used or used children’s books ranging in level from baby/toddler to fifth grade (ages 0 – 11 years old), of varying topics and genres. These books go directly to students in our community, who have few to no books at home, and will help keep them from falling behind over the school break.   

  •  Please refrain from collecting textbooks, encyclopedias, magazines, out-of-date reference materials (almanacs from 1992, etc.) or CDs/DVDs.
  • Please no moldy, dog- chewed or damaged books.

STEP 1 : Plan – Let Promising Pages know you plan to host a book drive.

Contact the Operations Team at Promising Pages and let us know that you’re interested in hosting a book drive for Books on Break. We can provide some pointers and give you more information about how to make your donation.  info@promisingpages.com

STEP 2:  Prepare – Determine dates and a goal for the book drive.

Most groups conduct efforts for 2-4 weeks. It is also helpful to set a goal for the number of books to be collected, as this inspires many donors and helps you gauge success. We collect books all year long, but if you’d like to collect books for a specific program, please contact info@promisingpages.com for more information. 

STEP 3: Promote –  Share and advertise the book drive to your network.

Successful efforts usually include multiple messages through email, website postings, fliers, etc. Messaging should include information about Promising Pages, the need for like-new and gently used books, guidelines for donations, and details about when and where to drop off donations, timeline of your book drive and the number of books you are wanting to collect. Be sure to share on your social media sites!

STEP 4:  Provide – Furnish “donation bins” at selected drop-off locations and collect books.

Bins should be placed where they are most visible and should be strong enough to hold large numbers of books. You are welcome to put a Promising Pages Book Drive flyer and instructions on the bins.  At this time, Promising Pages does not have any donation bins to loan out for book drives.

STEP 5:  Celebrate – Make and celebrate your donation.

As you near the conclusion of the book drive, contact the Promising Pages Operations Team via email (info@promisingpages.com) or phone (704.399.1934) to arrange for your donations to be dropped off to our Operations Center.  


Prior to your drop off to Promising Pages, please complete the following:

  • Count the number of books that you have collected and provide that number to Promising Pages
  • Macro sort (with labels on the boxes)  your collected books by the following levels:  Baby/Toddler, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, and Middle School, Other

Don’t forget to celebrate and promote your success by sharing your results with local media, employees, customers, and other stakeholders!  Reward your network with a social media shout out, thank you notes or even a party!

Also, please tag us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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About Promising Pages

Promising Pages is a nonprofit organization that inspires underserved children to achieve their dreams by instilling a love of reading. Fueled by studies showing that children who can’t read proficiently by third grade are four times more likely to drop out of high school, Promising Pages provides innovative classroom programs and more than 100,000 free books annually, making it Charlotte’s largest and most efficient distributor of up-cycled books aimed at addressing this critical – and solvable – community need. For more information about Promising Pages, go to www.promisingpages.org.